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Innovative Identity

MTL Holdings is the leader in innovative, performance-driven building envelope solutions. MTL’s widely recognized portfolio of brands – Metal-Era, Hickman Edge Systems, and Citadel Architectural Products – boasts the broadest collection of tested offerings in the construction materials space.

Driven by a shared purpose of protecting communities where they go the most, Metal-Era, Hickman, and Citadel operate as pioneers in their fields, contributing to building code creation and inspiring data-driven advancements to realize industry-changing innovations, processes, and technologies for the betterment of all.

Future Focus

Strategic foresight and persistent ingenuity direct Metal-Era, Hickman, and Citadel.

Through technical progressions, manufacturing enhancements, and sustainable commitments, the brands continuously deliver improvements and promote growth in the building envelope marketplace.

These developments serve to revolutionize the standard approach, with real impact on the status quo, for significant gains in safety, precision, expediency, and resilience.

Future Focus