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Our Identity

MTL Holdings is the leader in innovative, sustainable, building envelope solutions. With a family of brands dedicated to serving the roofing industry, MTL Holdings boasts the broadest portfolio of tested roof-edge solutions. Driven by their shared purpose of protecting their family, friends, and neighbors at the places they go the most, MTL Holding’s companies, Metal-Era and Hickman Edge Systems, continue to be industry pioneers, collaborating on and driving building performance code, product innovation, and bringing new, industry-changing technologies to the marketplace.

Future Focus

Strategic foresight and consistent ingenuity drive MTL’s actions and investments. Metal-Era and Hickman Edge Systems lead the roofing industry in their technological advancements, manufacturing capabilities, and sustainable actions.

MTL’s technological improvements are revolutionizing how the industry approaches the roof’s edge. These advancements improve the safety, precision, and expediency of the installation process.

MTL Holding’s unyielding focus on exceptional performance, quality, and consistency has led to key partnerships with ABB and IAS to expand their manufacturing facilities through robotic advancements. To date, the Waukesha, WI manufacturing facility has five robotic cells, with plans to implement robotic manufacturing in the Asheville, NC facility.